Registering for work with Excell is a quick and stress-free process with our team actively recruiting new staff throughout the year.   The first step during the registration process is to complete an application form (you can request one here) and sending your CV to  The account manager for your area will then be in touch to discuss your application and experience as well as talk through the type of work we have available in your area.  If you want to have an informal chat with an account manager prior to sending your CV then you can do so by calling 01978 280123 (0151 329 2123 for Wirral-based applicants).  Following on from speaking to an account manager and completing the application form we will then request your references and, on receiving a suitable response from one of your referees, book you in visit our offices and formally register as an Excell Supply candidate.

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Your registration at the office will typically last 90 minutes and be split into two parts.  Firstly, our administrator Rachel will complete all the necessary paperwork and take copies of your personal documents (you will be advised of what to bring prior to your appointment).  If you require a new DBS certificate then your application form will be processed at this stage as well as payment taken on behalf of the Disclosure and Barring Service.  You will have your photograph taken for your ID badge and we will talk you through our Rewarding Excellence benefit package, Candidate Portal and PAYE login.  Lastly, it will be time for an interview with your account manager.

Candidates should be prepared for a formal face to face interview including competency based questioning – performance at the interview stage will go some way to determining the type and volume of work you will initially be offered.  That being said, the interview stage is not something to be daunted by; we want to learn as much about you as possible so that we can give schools as much detail as possible about who you are and convince them to give you an opportunity in their classrooms!  Here are some interview tips:

What not to do at interview

  • Don’t be negative – you may have already have had some negative experiences, but don’t focus on them. Focus on the positive ones, or talk about what you have learned from the negative ones.
  • Don’t be unprepared for your interview – make sure you are ready to answer questions about the curriculum, behaviour management and the high and low points of your career to date (think about; describing a lesson that went well for you, career aspirations, working with parents, safeguarding, how you would develop positive relationships with pupils)
  • Don’t talk too much – make sure you listen to the questions and answer them concisely.
  • Don’t try to be a comedian – many have tried and many have failed. By all means, don’t be serious the whole time, but you’re not starring in Mock the Week.
  • Don’t make things up – you are likely to be asked to give practical examples of what you have stated on your application form.
  • Don’t fall at the finish – if all of your questions have already been answered during the interview, take the opportunity to stress how interested you are in the position rather than say you don’t have any questions.

The most important thing of all is to smile, keep eye contact and be positive. Account managers will feed off your enthusiasm and pass that on when introducing you to their schools!


When can I start?

Following on from your interview, how quickly you can work will depend on several things.  If you have brought in all of the necessary documents and have a DBS certificate on the Update Service, as long as we have received all of your references then you will be able to start work straight away.  If you have outstanding documents, are missing references or require a new DBS certificate then you will not be able to start work.  Our compliance team must inspect and sign off all registrations prior to you starting work for Excell.





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