Trade Unions

Trade Unions are a collective of employees who have joined together to achieve better pay and working conditions in a safe and fair working environment.  The vast majority of teachers are a member of a trade union and there are several organisations that operate in the North Wales, West Cheshire and Wirral areas.

Why Join a Union?teachers

Unions can provide essential legal and professional cover to ensure members are fully protected.  Reps and Officials will often have a background in education and will combine that experience with a working knowledge of local policies as well as employment law.

Most unions will also offer professional advice and guidance, as well as a wide range of professional development opportunities, training and events.  They will also offer impartial advice on areas of your working practice that you may feel uncomfortable discussing with your employers.

We would encourage all Excell Supply staff to explore which unions are available and active in your local area as they will have different strengths and focal points to consider.  Free membership is often available to individuals studying towards a teaching degree and this provides the ideal opportunity to join several unions and explore what they have to offer their members.  Discounted memberships are also available to NQTs.

54c677c2b7c7b426ac23af02275d56eeA union is there to protect and support you on the rare occasions that issues may arise during your teaching career, but they are also there to celebrate your successes and support your career development.  Much like the feeling of working within an agency alongside fellow supply teachers, a union provides the opportunity to share your experiences as well as learn from the experiences of your peers.

To find out more about union membership, contact Education Advisor Mike Jones here.


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