The eCadets team at Ysgol Yr Hafod in Johnstown have successfully raised over £1,000 to fund new equipment after a successful appeal and campaign on Rocket Fund.  Wrexham account manager Tom Brett visited pupils to hand over £187 (enough to pay for one Chromebook) to support their campiagn, with other donations coming from staff, parents and local businesses alike.  Pupils explained:

“The digital world is changing quickly so we want to make sure that we can develop and enhance our digital skills so that when we leave school we are digitally competent and ready for our future. We have picked Chromebooks as it is difficult to learn on our current laptops.

Firstly we only have 20! They are very slow to turn on and load up, their battery life is also not very good and many of the keys have begun to fall off our keyboards. The Chromebooks will solve our problems because they are rapid to load, will have good battery life and will hopefully have fully keyed keyboards!”

Using the Rocket Fund webiste allowed pupils to offer different incentives and rewards dependent on the level of money pledged, providing a great platform to raise the funds in time for the Summer term!  A huge congratulations to everyone involved.


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